Hi there! Welcome to our boutique! We're so excited to start this journey and share our passion with you.
Allow us to introduce ourselves! Our names are Carly Chalmers and Christine Burmaster. We've been best friends for 8 years and met in high school on our cheerleading squad. Ever since that first tryout, we've spent the years growing in friendship and developing a mutual love for cute clothes, accessories and decor. After attending a craft show together one day, we decided we wanted to take our dreams to the next level and open up a store of our own. This is how Lovespring began! We're dedicated to offering trendy, high-quality and affordable clothing + decor. 
On our website, everything you see is hand-picked with love from both of us. All of our products are chosen with you in mind. It takes everything in our power to not keep all of our clothes for ourselves!
We are so excited to have you follow us along on this exciting new journey. If you have any questions (or just want to chat!) send us an email at Let's do this!